About us


The Sociology Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA) exists to promote sociology, which encompasses criminology, demography, cultural studies, and social theory, to the university community. Our members foster an inclusive student community that promotes diversity and freedom of thought. We raise the profile of sociology as a critical area of study and research and organize events that foster and promote enthusiasm for sociology among undergraduate students. SUSA helps undergraduate sociology students with academic inquiries and encourages inclusive interaction, discussion, and community building. SUSA connects members to volunteer and Community Service Learning (CSL) opportunities related to sociology, serves as a vehicle for mentorship among the sociology student body, and encourages engagement with the academic and local community.


SUSA's commitment to you.

The Sociology Undergraduate Student Association's mission is to promote sociology across the university. SUSA works to assist sociology undergraduate students with academic endeavors and embolden an inclusive community. The association's primary objective is strengthening the sociology community by connecting members to volunteer and career opportunities, advocating sociology events, and bolstering mentorship. We strive to facilitate spaces that inspire and support students.