Our Team

Get to know the 2023-2024 executive team!


Hello everyone! I'm Mylo and I have the honor of serving as president for this year's SUSA team. Currently, I'm in my third year of pursuing a BA Honors in Sociology with a focus on globalization and ideology. I believe Sociology brings an invaluable perspective to the academic culture and interdisciplinary learning at UofA. I'm excited to contribute to SUSA and support our students' endeavors! We aim to establish a supportive platform to help students achieve their educational and career aspirations, promote visibility and knowledge exchange with the campus community, and foster community and engagement within the department. Shoot us a message on Instagram or join us on Discord to stay updated on our latest events and socials. We're eager to hear from you!


Hello! I'm Ariam Belay Haddis, a second-year double major in Psychology and Sociology. As the VP External at SUSA, I'm your connection to the broader world of sociology. My mission? To bridge the gap between what we learn in class and its real-world impact. I'm all about bringing in experts, organizing engaging events, and creating opportunities that let us explore sociology beyond the textbooks.

When I'm not in school, you'll find me passionately singing along to "Hamilton: The Musical" , or experimenting with new cooking and baking creations .

Let's chat about sociology, musical favorites, or swap kitchen adventure stories! 


Hi folks, my name is Julie and I will be serving as your VP Internal for the 2023-24 school year. I am in my fourth year, double majoring in psychology and sociology. I love studying sociology because I believe it is a broad and diverse field which gives us the opportunity to better understand the world and those around us. My favourite sociology classes have been 377 (The Sociology of Youth) and 325 (Masculinities, Violence and Victimization). As Internal VP, I hope to create and strengthen connections between executive members, sociology students and other faculty members both within and outside the department. I look forward to the impact this group will be able to have over the school year!


Hey everyone, I'm Ahladita (Allie) Singh and I'm the VP Media for this academic year, I oversee the promotion and advertisement of all SUSA events. I am in my third year of psychology with a minor in sociology. At school you can always find me in Cameron library and I am involved with several campus events and organizations so there is a high chance you will see me here and there all the time! This year I am looking forward to engaging more students with SUSA through events or volunteering with us. Looking forward to seeing all the sociology students!


Hi I am Elham (she/her) and I am co-VP media for SUSA. Allie and I will be in charge of all promotions and social media. I am going into my third year in psychology of arts. I'm minoring in sociology and my passion lies in children and family. My hobbies are arts and crafts, languages and movies.


Hello! My name is Saleha and I am your VP Finance for this year! I’m in my third year of my BA in Honors Political Science and Sociology and plan on going to law school once I've finished my degree. On the side, I run a small business! Sociology is such an interesting discipline as it allows you to critically reflect on society’s values and institutions and can lead to much self-reflection and introspection. I love courses that integrate sociology with other fields of study and I highly encourage everyone, no matter what program they’re in, to take at least one sociology course! I am so excited to be a part of SUSA’s executive team and connect with all of you! My main goals are to promote sustainability as a student group and increase engagement with the department and students. We want your experience as a sociology student to be amazing! Stay connected and stay involved!


Hey everyone, I’m Jewel Chidiebere and I’m in my second year year of my BA in Psychology and Sociology. I’m also hoping for grad school but that is still a ways away for me. I’m obsessed with anything pop music-related, Jurassic Park, manga, socio-psychological research, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I am super excited to carry out my role as new VP of Academics and Mentorship and looking forward to reading what the bright minds of the sociology undergrad have to offer! Mostly research and the ability to explore functions intimate to us all. No matter what you’re interested in there’s always something for you in sociology.